Diamond Rank

The Diamond rank is the way to if you want to support VanillaVerse!
The rank, while active, comes with the following perks:

  • [Diamond] prefix in Tab, Diamond name and white text in chat!
  • Join, quit and death messages appear in chat!
  • Claiming costs reduced to half! (50% discount)
  • Ability to set 5 homes, instead of the default 1!
  • Bypass the player limit at all times!
  • Access to cosmetics, such as:
    • /claim rename <name>: Rename your claims!
    • /hat: Wear anything as a hat!
    • /skull: Create unlimited heads of yourself!
    • /firework: Shoot a firework!
    • /trash: Clean your inventory without the messy parts!
    • Type using color codes in the chat!
  • More to be added as we go!
Diamond [30 days] 7.99 EUR Buy
Diamond [90 days] 23.99 19.99 EUR Buy