Netherite Rank

After purchasing Emerald, we didn't have any other available way for dedicated VanillaVerse players to support the server.

Netherite is a subscription-based rank, that is available to all players with the [Emerald]  rank.

It provides the following extra features:

  • [Netherite] prefix in chat and the tablist!
  • Anchors, allowing you to keep an area of the world loaded even if you are offline! (limited to one per player)
  • Increases your home limit to 50!
  • You can disable entry to your claims (and add guests that bypass the restriction!)
  • /customizeprefix, allowing you to change [this part] (read the rules here)!
  • Arrow particles and firework explosions on impact!
  • /ptime and /pweather (purely cosmetic, does not affect gameplay)
  • /skull <name>, to get anyone's skull!
  • Write with hex color and rainbow on chat!
  • Get smitten on joining (toggleable of course)!
Netherite Rank [1 month] 6.49 EUR Buy
Netherite Rank [3 months] 19.47 17.99 EUR Buy